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We offer long and short term boarding for mares, foals and yearlings. Our modern, purpose-built facilities are nestled in a tranquil, rustic setting. All our paddocks are rotated with Aberdeen Angus cattle and sheep followers to ensure year round premium pastures.

On placing your mare or juvenile with Grenane House Stud, we will jointly formulate a plan for your horse's progress. You will receive regular updates and we will look forward to welcoming you to the farm for frequent visits. 

We also welcome seasonal boarders intending to visit the plethora of world-class stallions based in County Tipperary or further afield. We will be delighted to organise all paperwork, transport and stallion bookings. Your mare will be guided through the foaling process by a skilled, experienced and empathetic staff.


Sales Preparation

From your foal's birth, our mission is to prepare him/her for the relevant foal or yearling sale. In conjunction with a measured and scientific feeding program, your animal will graze on premium forage. The brown earth soils of the Golden Vale are excellent for grass production and renowned world-wide for both milk production in the mare and the development of the musculoskeletal  systems of juvenile animals. 

Regular farrier assessments allied to appropriate exercise will ensure your animal arrives at the sale in pristine condition. Your horse will be shown by our experienced staff intent on maximising your sales income. 

We are also very happy to work with pinhookers and other sellers of stock. 

Post Sales Isolation

We operate a post sales isolation yard. This facility is separated from the other barns and horse traffic. It is cordoned off to control human traffic and is occupied only by horses returning from the same sale. The isolation yard follows appropriate sanitation protocols ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your animal.

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Rest & Recuperation/Spelling

We provide rest and recuperation facilities for all classes of equine athletes. Our tranquil, spacious, unhurried surroundings are ideal for refreshing the racehorse both mentally and physically. We will, along with the owner, formulate a structured spelling program for your horse to support recovery from injury, rebuild muscle and put on condition if required. Walking and lunge ring facilities are available for your horse if deemed necessary. While spelling with us your animal will be continually assessed by our experienced team. Grazing on the Golden Vale will ensure a successful and expeditious return to training and the racecourse for your athlete. 


Ancillary Services

Our vets and farriers are all proven and highly respected in their chosen fields of practice.


To ensure your thoroughbred’s safety, Grenane House Stud operates an advanced security

and surveillance system in conjunction with 24-hour mobile patrols.


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